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50+ mpg?

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Still getting a good feel for my bike and it's fuel range, so I've been diligently checking my fuel mileage, and I'm for 3 consecutive tanks where the only riding I did was my work commute, I'm averaging right at 54 mpg. My commute is right at 30 miles, and it's all two lane back roads, so I'm probably averaging between 35-40 mph at most. Even at that though, I wasn't expecting my mileage to be quite that high. Is that normal?

On two tanks of all weekend riding where I'm more apt to open up and run more like 50-60 mph, I'm averaging right at 45 mpg. That's more in line with what I expected overall. Any thoughts? Is the higher commute mileage just do to the low mph thus low RPM ride?
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Mine's fuel injected so a little different but am averaging about 55mpg. Drops to 48-49 going 70+ but have gotten 62 doing 45-55 mph.
My son has a 02 ACE and is averaging about 47-48 but I'm sure he rides a lot different than I do and much of his is over 70 mph.
It's great to be able to hit it hard and still get way over 40 mpg!
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