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I drove to work 30 minutes away drove fine and all the way back home. I got off went to ride to work the next morning and nothing when I turned the key not a light sound or nothing.馃槶 please help Dymond
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First go look at the battery terminals, they must be clean and tight.
Batteries are small on these bikes and can drop dead after a few years.
Key wasn't left on was it?
Is there any accessory equipment that can draw power? Amplifier, etc?
Jump it with a non-running car battery and then do these tests to make sure the charging system is working.

Put your meter across the battery and see if at rest it is at least 12.5 volts. May need a charge first.
Then watch it while you crank it for 5-10 seconds and it should be above 9.5 to 10 volts minimum.
Then while running see if it can stay up to 13.5 to 14.5 volts as you rev it above 3000 RPM.
That will tell the basic health of the battery and charging system.
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If the whole bike is dead either battery died, one of the battery cables is bad or fuse on starter solenoid blew.
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