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I've looking for IC Ignitors (spark units/CDI) boxes for my 83 Honda VT750.

When I bought this bike as a project, it had two boxes with yellow & silver labels that say Hitachi TID12-11 ME9. They are 5 wires each in 6 pin connectors. The bottom middle pins are blank.

Question 1: Are these the correct IC Ignitors for this bike?

Question 2: What other model numbers will work? Honda lists the part by an OEM number such as ( OEM 30410-xxx-xxx ), however, they don't give the Hitachi numbers. From my Ebay research, people are passing off other model numbers saying they'll work on this bike but I want confirmation before throwing $200 in the trash for a pair of ignitors.

Question 3: Is there any other model bike I can take them from?

Any help is greatly appreciated.

I'm pretty sure the ignitors are bad
I've traced a one spark then no spark problem down to possibly these boxes. When I opened them I can see the electronics are pretty old and corroded. Plus some of the copper channels are damaged and peeled off. I've checked the coils, pulse generators, stator wires, and everything are within ohm tolerance. I've done every other test suggested but can't seem to get this to work. Plus the local dealers aren't being of any assistance.
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