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'84 VT500 stop-tail-turn mod

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I wanted to add some extra visibility to the back of my bike, so I did some searching and found a mod for the VTX. This added LED's for tail or running lights and additional brake lights, in the existing housings. Here is the link for the original mod Rear Running Lights Mod Bareass Choppers Tech Pages In the interest of clarity, I did NOT invent or develop this mod, I just adapted it to my housings. Anyone can do the same.

1-I used these tools. 2-I made a cardboard template to fit the lens, I used the Dremel to rough cut the plate or donut, used the razor knife to whittle and work the plate until it fit and used a file to smooth the edges. I found the center of the donut, and marked it, then placed the plate over the pattern from the instructions and marked the location for the LEDs. 3-I drilled them after clamping the donuts to the workbench, first using a 1/16" drill, then a 1/8" and finally the 13/64" for the LEDs. Notice I did not use a holesaw to open the center, as was in the original. Since my bulbs face sideways, this was not required. The donuts were assembled and soldered as in the instructions, and then installed.


4-I removed the housings from the bike, pulled the reflector, removed the screws holding the bulb socket and using a screwdriver from the end, pushed the rubber grommet from the housing. 5-After determining where I wanted the wire to enter the housing, I used the razor knife to cut a groove. 6-Then lightly sprayed the end of the grommet with ArmorAll to lube it.


As you can see it made quite a difference. I installed the kit for the photos, and then removed them to coat fill in a space that I missed. When I reassembled I broke one of the leads to one of the LEDs, so one of the arrays is out now. Replacements are on the way and will be repaired when they arrive.

So you can teach an old bike new tricks! I hope this inspires others to do the same. If I can, you can! If you have questions, I will be happy to answer.
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Nice! Looks real good. looks like you could have some fun making them all stop, turn, and running lights all in one.
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