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'84 vt700 clutch issues

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Hey guys I was hoping someone would be able to help me. The problem I'm having is that I just replaced the slave cylinder on my clutch and I was bleeding it with a vacuum pump. Well I though I had bled it correctly and ran probably about half of the container of brake fluid. Anyway now when I squeeze the clutch lever it has tension and is definitely moving the piston in the slave cylinder but the clutch will not engage. The way I tested this was to put the bike into first then squeeze the clutch and try to move the back wheel with my hand and it won't budge. I'm not sure what's wrong, could it be because I have the bike off of the floor? I was just trying to see if you guys had any ideas. Also near the clutch lever there are two wires coming out and I'm not sure if that has anything to do with the clutch or not. I tried my above method with the bike turned on, but not running (I'm still working on that). Thanks guys.
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Does the clutch lever feel about the same as when it did work before? Nice and firm all the way through the travel?
Or is it very stiff now? I wonder if the release rod through the case to the clutch assembly is off center if that is possible. Just a wild thought from some photos I saw of engines apart. But if the lever feels about the same then hydraulically it should be good. The wires you see from the clutch lever area is for starting with the clutch lever pulled if it is in gear while starting, not in neutral.
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