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No reason you can't strip it down and reassemble it. When you put the engine back into a freshly finished frame it's sure nice to have help. Things can really get scratched trying to manhandle it by yourself. Open the crankcase drain and mind the lean angle and leave it for a full day to drip out completely. take a bunch of detailed photographs of everything during the teardown and save them for the rebuild. This comes in handy. Once you're sitting beside a heap of parts it's a good time to grab a bucket of solvent and basket of rags. Clean,clean everything. Get to know your local metric fastener retailer. Damaged, worn fasteners should be replaced with fresh ones. I see you're in Florida which is good. I'm in N. Texas and I did an old BSA Thunderbolt during the winter of 2012. It was so cold inside my workshop I decided to do it in my kitchen. Single guys can do that.
Lol! There is a welder where your microwave should be! That's awesome!
1 - 2 of 13 Posts
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