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Hi All,

So I am having some issues with my clutch. Mid riding season, Great!! A number of weeks ago I posted about a leaking slave cylinder and you guys graciously advised that I watch for the tiny bleed hole in the master cylinder that it doesn't get plugged. At the time I thought nothing of it because I was just going to rebuild the slave. Of course as I got into things the master cylinder was full of sludge. To clean it out I started with pumping brake fluid through the system which led to a complete rebuild of the master cylinder. Now I am greatful for the tip re the bleed hold in the master and yes it is perfectly clean. A person would not believe how small the hole is until you take the master cylinder apart.

Anyways, I have everything together and I'm still having trouble building pressure in the clutch system. It is like I have air in the lines. I have carefully filled the lines with syringe from the top and then pumped the lever and then even pumped the fluid in from the bleeder on the slave. It just isn't possible that I have air in the system.

So this is what I have done:
  1. Rebuild the slave (new parts)
  2. Flush out the lines
  3. Completely disassemble the master cylinder and clean all parts (did not replace parts)
  4. Reassemble system and bleed air thoroughly
The clutch is still not disengaging!!!


See the attached pictures.


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