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86 vt500 fender on 86 vt700

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Will it fit? I need a new fender and i like the one from the 500 better.
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yes the front fender, do you know what specifically doesn't fit? Is it too narrow to fit the tire or too wide/narrow to bolt onto the forks? Or are the fork bolt hole locations off?
I know they aren't the same part number because they're completely different looking. I have no problem modifying anything, i just didn't want to get one if it's too narrow to fit the tire profile, i could cut it in half and widen it, but i need something sooner than later, currently riding with no front fender and without a full face riding this time of the year i'd drown. I'll look to see if the vt500 and vt700 had the same or close to width front tire.
1 - 3 of 5 Posts
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