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86 vt500 fender on 86 vt700

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Will it fit? I need a new fender and i like the one from the 500 better.
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You didn't say which fender, front or rear..

But I do know for a fact that the 85 vt700 front fender does not fit the 86 vt700 without some modification.

So I wouldn't hold out much hope.. You could google a parts fiche and compare the part numbers.

yes the front fender, do you know what specifically doesn't fit? Is it too narrow to fit the tire or too wide/narrow to bolt onto the forks? Or are the fork bolt hole locations off?
As I said I know the VT700 85 and 85 are not interchangeable because I had both bikes at the same time, the forks were different, I did end up making them fit from the 85 to the 86 by making a spacer.. but if two close years of the same model bike are so different I would think there may be a chance that two different models would also be different.

You are going to have to look at the part numbers of both fenders, if they are the same part number they will fit.

1 - 2 of 5 Posts
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