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Hello all.
From Montana.
Big Sky Country I call it. Great for motorbiking. Have been enjoying my 87 VT700C in the state for about 3 years now. Bought it off a gal who garage kept it since taking it off the showroom floor. when i showed it off at work several ladies asked if it was new. :)

So heres my dilemna. I was driving this spring after a new $75 battery Whew. and noticed my front brakes needed replacement soon. I opened up my Clymer manual after getting some new brake fluid, new pads, and synthetic grease. I got the old pads from the caliper and got stuck pushing the pistons back in while the brake line was attached. I took the brake line off and was glad to replace the black tea darkness brake fluid. I managed to press the pistons back in with a 1/2" by 1" by 2' long wood piece. got the pads in, greased all, performed the bleeding procedure and had hangup #1, which I fixed. I not only pumped from the handle bar to get bubbles out down below through a clear hose, i also pumped up from below with clean brake fluid and an oiler hand pump, removing bubbles at the handle. I'd wager like $50 I haven't a bubble.

now enter what i think may be wrong. the master piston might have gotten crushed in my last ride when i was accidently pulling the thing right up to the handle. was cruising at 45mph and had to stop faster than i like using both brakes for a light. I've read a 3/4" gap is needed to not crush the master piston. I probably brought it to a 1/4" gap in from the handle that day.

or the other thing;

when i pressed those caliper pistons back with the stick of wood, they were NOT looking like brand new, and maybe I fouled the rings in the caliper. On one piston took about 25lbs, other ~75lbs.

So I put it to you folks.

Do I replace the caliper pistons and new rings? Link:

Honda VT700 Parts & Accessories - Parts N More - Japanese Vintage Motorcycle Parts[year]=1987#product-29-0510

Or do i find a replacement or a kit to rebuilt the master piston at the handlebars?

Or both.

Thanking so much in advance and so humbled to be on the road on this piece of perfection.

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