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96 ACE 1100 exhaust?

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I'm having a hell of a time finding pipes to put on my bike.

Previous owner didn't realize that the aftermarket exhaust needed a carb adjustment and it burned so lean that it cracked the exhaust pipe. I can't ride it this way, and
I'm struggling to find a replacement.

I've already learned the hard way that the ACE's pipes have a different bend due to positioning of the foot peg and brake, and shopping around online has been so far fruitless.
Can anyone help? Is anything else compatible? I really like the style of the ones I'm replacing.
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I guess what I'm asking is what else IS the same?
Alright Gentlemen, I ended up being able to get those old pipes repaired. I've wrapped them in black exhaust wrap to cover the welding blemishes and bluing, I'm very excited to get back on the road. Here's hoping I can adjust the fuel/air and be fine without re-jetting the carbs.
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Amazing. You went through all that and you still want to avoid re-jetting? Sure, it's a hassle, but nothing compared to what you had to go through. The cost of a whole set of aftermarket jets is around $20. Compare that to the cost of a replacement set of pipes. The intended purpose of exhaust wrap is to RETAIN heat in the exhaust pipes to promote faster flow of the lower density gas. It also holds moisture in, against the pipes, and the corrosion starts eating them away. And, more heat retained at the headpipes means higher temperatures at the exhaust valves. It's not impossible that you are heading for a burned valve or worse.

I created some back pressure in the too-open pipes that came on my '96 ACE by adding some baffles and shoving some stainless wool behind those, up inside the silencers. XMMT 1-3/4" X 8" Motorcycle Exhaust Pipe DB Killer Muffler Insert Baffle Silencer for Harley H-onda 2" OD : Automotive 12Pack Upgraded Steel Wool Scrubbers by ovwo - Premium Stainless Steel Scrubber, Metal Scouring Pads, Steel Wool Pads, Kitchen Cleaner, Heavy Duty Cleaning Supplies - Especially for Tough Cleaning : Health & Household
This had the additional benefit of quieting the beast down a little. I still had to rejet richer, which I'm not happy about, since the fuel economy is far from good.

I'm looking into having it rejetted now. I can do a LOT of work myself but carburetors are something I just don't want to touch more than I have to.

The exhaust wrap "upgrade" was really just so I could cover up the old bluing and welding blemishes, and I must say it looks pretty slick now. I'm on the phone right now with a shop to get some parts ordered and have them rebuild the carbs, hopefully that should be all I need so I can be back on the road with confidence.

Originally I had bought some pipes I thought were identical to my original pipes, but it turns out they were for the Sabre/Spirit and won't fit my Ace. Having that 300 bucks back certainly makes me more comfortable paying a shop to do the carbs, since fixing my old pipes was only 50 bucks 😁
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