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I have brought back pipes to 90% that were worse than those.
It takes a lot of work and the right products but NEVER use steel wool of any kind.
It's best done with the pipes off the bike, saves a lot of squatting/kneeling, and you can use a buffing pad/wheel.

On the bike, I have used chrome cleaning products and a length of cotton rope wrapped/looped around the pipe with a back-and forth motion.

Yes, you can remove the rust, but as PhantomRider6 mentioned, the chrome has been compromised and will need more frequent "cleaning" than pipes that have never rusted.

For the burnt-on plastic, make a scrapper from a flattened piece of copper tubing to remove the bulk of it follow with some chrome cleaner.
Lots of old threads on cleaning (rusty) chrome on this site, search for them, but don't use steel wool as some have suggested.
Not interested in a debate about using steel wool here either.
Edit: here's a bunch of how-to vids on utube:
(20) removing rust from chrome exhaust pipes - YouTube

This guy used Lime Away and white wall cleaner:
(20) Clean rusty motorcycle exhaust in minuets. You must see this! - YouTube
I'm sure you will find a method that does not use steel wool.
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