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I've heard of hot stalls like this. Could be an ignition component that goes open circuit when it gets too hot. Could be the ignition coil, ignition module (black box) or the pulse generator. Could also be the fuel pump or relay for the pump going open circuit when hot.

(Edit) Probably should try easier stuff first. Maybe it's a bad switch/connection somewhere. Have you ever had problems with the engine kill switch? Need to wiggle, on-off to start? Common shadow problem, easy to take apart the switch and clean/lube - search the forum for "kill switch clean". Another thing to try first is get the bike all warmed up, go through all connectors (coils, pulse generator, ign. module, fuel pump, etc. and wiggle them while engine is running. Feel if any of the connectors is hot, may be a loose/dirty connection. Also might try wiggling connectors for the safety switches - neutral, sidestand, clutch, etc.

Unfortunately, it needs to be diagnosed when it happens. It's a pain to do on the side of the road, but that's when it's not working, so that's when it needs to be diagnosed. First thing would be to pull a plug, re-attach the plug wire, hold the metal body of the plug against the metal engine, and crank the starter (with the run switch on) to see if you're getting spark. If there's spark, probably the fuel pump, or something fuel related.

If no spark, then it's probably ignition. Then you'd need to start testing the ignition components one by one to determine what's bad when hot. If you have a manual, it tells how to check each component. All test should be able to be done with a multimeter. The only problematic test would be the ignition module, there's no real test except swapping with a known good one. Or, if it IS HEAT RELATED, bring along a cold-pack to cool it down quickly and see if it works.

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