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Hi everyone. I bought a 2000 Shadow Ace Tourer (VT1100T) in 2001 as a leftover. I ride year round here in northern NJ and just can't find a bike I love more. I have basically kept it bone stock except for a passenger backrest and a chrome front fender tip. It's been great.
I have a question for you fellow Shadow owners. Last summer on the very hottest days and usually only on a ride of more than 1 hour, I started having a problem. Once these conditions are met - hot (80 plus degrees), and a longish ride, it will suddenly stall. It's never predictable. It's as if the kill switch has been thrown. It doesn't stutter like it's running out of gas, it just stalls. I coast to the side of the road and wait. After it sits for about 15 minutes, it starts right up and away you go. I thought it might have been some some kind of vapor lock caused by some blocked tube but have immediately removed the gas cap (mechanic's suggestion) and it made no difference. When you try to restart it before waiting the 15 minutes it just cranks and cranks. No hits at all. After waiting it starts right up as if there were never a problem. Then it may take you home or it may stall again in a few miles and you must wait again. It never happens when it is cooler weather. And I can't seem to make it happen predictably, so it can be more easily diagnosed. The service manager at the dealership says if they can't make it stall, it will be very hard to figure out. I love my bike and would like to do some trips and longer rides again but cannot while I have this problem.
Has anyone heard of this? Any suggestions?
Thanks. I love seeing and meeting other Honda Shadow riders when I'm out and about and haven't met one yet that didn't love his bike.
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