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Hey Trop...that depends on if your bike has a sprocket on it already.

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The job isn't really that hard, but you do have to have some tools to do the job. First and foremost, you have to have a way to lift the rear of the bike off the ground so you can take the rear tire off...I am assuming that you mean the rear sprocket. Once you have the wheel off, take loose the bolts holding the old sprocket in place and remove the sprocket. Replace the sprocket and you are done with that part.

Now comes the real fun...because now you really should change the chain too. If you haven't done this already, then you will need a grinder or some other way to cut a link out of the chain so you can get it apart. You can also get the chain breaking tools and do it...but it is easier to do it with a wheel grinder.

If you are changing to a smaller sprocket than stock, you will want to buy a chain with a couple less links. Make sure you also get a new master link. You will need that to put the chain back together. The paperwork with the chain will show which way the link clip is to be installed. If I remember right...the opening in the clip faces backwards to the direction of travel on the chain.

Hope this helps.

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