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Looking at possibly getting a backrest for my 04 Aero 750.

All of you that have one, do you like them or not?

I have never rode with one.

I want one that looks good, also somewhat matches the sissybar I have one there now and is of good quality without spending a lot.

I want to stay around $100 shipped, know that's not a lot, but don't have much more money right now.

I have seen a few on ebay for a low price, just don't know the quality.

Also for around the $100 price, I see that there aren't many that are adjustable, removable, etc.

And Yes, I did check and get an answer from grasshopperlimited. They do not make one for an Aero 750 & the ACE 750 doesn't fit the Aero.

Thanks and let me know.
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