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Aftermarket Carbeurator

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07 Vt750c Aero. Need a new carb. Brought mine to the shop to get them to take the mixture screw out as it needs a special tool I do not have. The screw is stuck and broke two of their tools so they gave it back to me to avoid breaking anything else. Im about to try and get creative with this screw but if it wont budge i’ll need a new carb. I really do not like the idea of spending $400 for an OEM carb. Has anyone had any luck with other aftermarket carbs that arent crazy expensive?
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A guy on here not long ago bought one and said it was working fine at that point.
Not much history otherwise.
A lot on ebay.

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I can vouch for that Carb. I installed one of them last year. Bike is an '04 Aero, it installed just like the factory unit and tuned the same too. I was relieved.
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