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I have test ridden many V-twin bikes over the years on test rides at Bike Week and Biktoberfest (as I live less than an hour from the Speedway in Daytona), and found many of them have airboxes on both sides of the engine that stick WAY out past the fuel tank, and consequently are very annoying to ride with them poking/pressing against your knees.

Anyone else find that annoying???

When I was looking for my 1st V-twin, I was specifically looking for one without that nuisance. I was looking at both the Shadow 1100 and Vulcan 900. I settled for the Shadow. Heck, I don't even know where the airbox(es) are on my Shadow Spirit! :lol:

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Manuals say a lot of unnecessary things.

My big rig Volvo truck said to change air filter every 100K miles. I think I went close to 400K miles, and changing it didn't make a bit of difference. I can give a lot of examples like this.
Stuff like that is situational.

I have to clean the filter on my truck every 3k mile oil change and TONS of crap comes out.

Same thing with the air filters on the tractors and bobcat at work, they'll be packed with very fine hay dust. probably wouldnt be so much if I just did petty work with them would it?
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