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Akoury AK-1 Review:

Yesterday I recieved my Akoury AK-1 helmet. My father had one that I fell in love with so I ordered one myself. Akoury claims to have the smallest and lightest DOT approved helmet on the market.


(1) This helmet looks awesome. There is little to no "mushroom head" look. This is a big plus because most half helmets are very thick and look a little silly on people with average sized heads (my opinion).

(2) The weight of this helmet surprised me. It is very light, especially compared to my old full face helmet and my 3/4 helmet.

(3) Akoury incorporated a ratcheting buckle into their AK-1. This buckle makes putting the helmet on and buckling it very easy. There is no play in the buckle, which makes it feel very solid. Also, the ratcheting part is about 1.5 inches long, which makes it easily adjustabe in a way.

(4) I rode my motorcycle to work today, the route I take is 80% highway. On the highway I average anywhere from 65-75mph. This helmet had very little helmet rise. When it did rise, it was not very noticeable because of how light it is.

(1) The price... This helmet cost $89.99. That is a bit steep for a half helmet, but you do get what you pay for.

(2) The inner lining around the ears could be a little softer. Its not that scratchy, but its not suede by any means.

That is what I think of it so far. I like it and would recommend it if you are looking for a half helmet.
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