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All Titled, Registered and Riding...

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Finally got moved and squared away in Tenn.
Here's some real pics, as promised , of the 05 Honda Shadow Spirit 750 I bought last month. It's in pretty good shape, runs great, 12k+ miles - the More I ride it the More I like it, a pretty nice runabout.

Ya can see the dent in the tank here, not too bad, repairable, but for now am just gonna ride it...

Flames? Oh Well... when I fix the tank it'll probably just be straigt [email protected] Black, Chrome and Clean...

Was mid 60's in TN today and ridin was nice, really like the windshield.
Think it's gonna be a good scooter...
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Aired up the tires this morn, lubed the chain - Smooooth and Quiet!
(It's all stock, with nice mustang seat, sissy, and wschield (also had bags but took em off). Am just enjoyin it for now...
1 - 2 of 6 Posts
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