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Trying to make my wife's Shadow fit her better. She's short. Has an inseam which barely lets her feet touch, and that's after lowering the bike 1.5 inch. Bought a pair of bars. Sorta like Virago bars. The idea being that it would have a lot more pull-back and they're narrower. Hands closer together+more pullback=straighter posture. Less stooping over to reach wide factory bars. BARELY enough wiring tucked away inside the headlamp bucket. Had to have a 4" longer hydraulic brake hose made up. Factory throttle cables have 90* bends up top. In the present configuration they almost interfere with the brake lever. Almost but not quite.
Then the forward controls. I'm sure I'll have to move those back a couple of inches.
I really don't mind doing all this. I like to see it come together and be just right for only her. I told her that if I knew it would be all this trouble I'd have married a taller woman. She knows I was joking. I hope. Maybe I'd tell her again before I fall asleep.
Wouldn't it have been easier to put her on a bike that fits? It's gotta be easier than going out and finding a taller woman at your age.;):lol:
1 - 1 of 19 Posts
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