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Ok, last "welcome and here's some more about me" post. :) I swear I'll probably just lurk on the technical forums from here on out!

Ok, so, future plans for the VT500c:

  • Rebuild carbs
  • Replace engine gaskets
  • Chrome the heads
  • Chop the rear fender (bobber-style)
  • Remove the front fender
  • Replace square headlight with round one

I dig the look of some of the bobber Shadows I've seen on these forums, so, over the next 6 months or so, I'm going to see if I can go with a similar look. It's too bloody hot here in Florida right now to pull the engine & carbs (my garage is NOT air conditioned) so I'll wait until late fall to do the rebuild (engine and carbs run fine, now, but I know they can benefit from new seals, gaskets and rings).

Glad to be here, and thanks for the warm welcome. I'll see y'all around!
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