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Hey fellow Honda owners,

I'm a pretty frequent lurker of this forum but I'm just now getting around to posting here.

After years of pining to look as cool as the middle-aged, khaki, and polo adorning men I saw riding as a kid, I finally decided to bit the bullet and start riding. I took the next available class at a Harley dealer, thanks to a lot of the advise I read here. It turns out that taking a safety course is a great way to start pulling your mom off the emotional ledge when you start riding.

The next week I bought a used 02 Shadow that I had a family friend ride 45 minutes to my house because I knew I wasn't read to take it on the road yet. After a few days of doing bigger and bigger laps around my town, I finally felt like a semi-confident rider.

If you haven't gathered already, I have no immediate family that rides or extended family riders that lives close enough to help when I need advice so I guess you guys are filling my biker family void.

Thus far, owning a bike has been simultaneously the most frustrating and the more rewarding experience I've ever had. Nothing is as disappointing or infuriating as being forced to drive your car on a beautiful summer day when you're are having bike trouble. Then again, nothing is as satisfying or fulfilling as fixing that dead bike and taking it down the Natchez Trace for the first time with your girlfriend on the back.

Looking forward to gleaming knowledge from all of you experienced riders!

Anyway... I'm not spam so... 1/3 down... :roll:
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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