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Anyone have a Harley and a Honda?

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Got a 96 VT1100 that I love. I'm thinking of also getting an 03 Harley fatboy for another bike. Just wanted to get some thoughts on what anyone thinks. I thought about getting another bike for years now, but I never get serious. Then I thought it would always be a big HD like an electraglide or a streetglide. Now that I have waited this long, I discovered that I really don't do any real long distance riding, just a lot of riding a little at a time. So this 03 fatboy is for sale from a friend of mine and it only has 4K miles on it. Extremely clean, anniversary edition with the black and silver paint scheme. Dunno... just thinking of getting it for a cool toy and still riding my Kawasaki for work and my Shadow wherever inbetween.
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I have had Harleys, a 79 sporty 1000, an 02 fatboy, and a 03 duece. All were great bikes,it was the every time I turned around maintenance on the bikes. It was a constant vacuum on the wallet. I also had an 05 roadstar 1700. very similar bike to the harley, belt drive, separate transmission, air cooled. not near the maintenance to be done, and easier to do. Compared to the 1100 ACE I have now........well their is none, simply to maintain, no measuring and adjusting belts constantly. further between oil changes, etc. I do wish the Honda got the gas mileage the harley did though. cant have evrything I guess. so I will keep my Honda.
Go get it man!!!! Fat boys are fun rides, easy to customize, and hold their value. They are easy to work on, and parts and accessories are every where. Even if you don't like it you can get your money back by reselling it, but I doubt that would be the case. The 2003 anniversary editions are also dependable. A friend of mine put over 78000 trouble free miles on his, then he traded it in for a new one, said he was ready for something new. Which is funny to me cause he got a soft tail deluxe, which is exactly the same frame and suspension. LOL

Funny though just about all the friends I have are Harley riders and they never tell me about all this maintenance. My bro in law is on his second harley and he dont know **** on how to wrench anything. Funny I dont see him running for a lot of maintenance. He had his first sporty 10 years and put a ****load of miles on it without many problems far as I could remember. Got another close friend with an 03 V rod that doesn't do all that much to his either.

sporty's and Vrods are nothing like fat boys, The bigger bikes like the soft tails require more attention. Not necessarily action, but preride checks need to be thorough. If you find a problem at that time don't ride it until it is fixed. Other than that the fat boy is a great ride man!!!
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