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What does UJM mean?
Kesander found it :)

Did a quick perusal and found folks using the term Sport Heritage Bike Or Retro-Sport instead of the Yamaha SR400 or XSR700. That XSR is a nice looking bike!!

Lots of words like Classic and Retro and Heritage...but the reason they're still making that style is they sell, and they still do well in multiple settings...which is exactly what a new rider that they can figure out where to go from there, or if they want to just continue with a "Standard" so they can enjoy a wide variety of riding surfaces and styles.

With the VT500C, low weight, reasonable power, & an upright riding position allows it to behave reasonably on dirt, beach sand, gravel roads, city streets, highways, & the occasional swamp. One can add a great variety of handlebars, windshield, saddle bags, and trunk as one desires...or nothing at all. Lots of possibilities...and yet, not really tied to anything as you can change it to suit whatever riding needs you have. Makes a nifty deer/hog hauler after the hunt as well by using a tail rack! ;)
21 - 23 of 23 Posts
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