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I normally head north to escape the heat, but its been freezing here in the mornings (literally), and there's snow above ~4,000 ft

If he's in QC, he can take Gilbert Road South to 87. Follow it South and then East continuing onto 287 to Florence. From Florence, take Highway 79 (very scenic) down to Oracle Junction.
There's a great eating place in Oracle Junction called the Oracle Cafe. Great food and drink!

From Oracle Junction, he can either head back or continue on 79 into metro-Tucson then either head back up I-10 to metro PHX area or just go back up 79.
I will say the stretch of I-10 between Tucson and PHX is less than optimal with tremendous 18-wheeler traffic.
On most any day there's at least one rollover accident... I avoid it.

In Tucson, there's the Pima Air Museum, worth spending a day at to checkout all the vintage aircraft, not to mention a bazillion great places to eat around the metro area. Added a few area links and points of interest below:

Hope this helps!

Kevin 🌵

1 - 1 of 3 Posts