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oliver99 said:
i'm a ford mechanic by trade and we currently have a problem on some trucks that people have been using cheap aftermarket filters(rather than the ford ones) that come apart and the paper makes its way up the oil galleries into the cylinder heads and then stops and blocks them causing a lack of lubercation to the cyl head. then the cust comes in with a noisy engine adn it had to come apart and tappets and lifters replaced, expensive because u wanted to save $5 on a filter. :x
we have vsrioud oil filters cut open in the service dept on display and the oem ones have a lot more pleats, better quality paper the springs and check valves are better quality as well. just goes to show u get what u pay for and i always use oem for filters plugs wires and anything electrical (car wise) as they are made and designed by the manufacturer for that particular vehicle.
I agree 100%.

Motorcraft filters are made by Purolator, BUT they are made to Ford's
specifications... not Purolators.
Many other manufacturers filters are made by makers of aftermarket
filters, but again, they are still not the same filter.
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