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I just brought home a 20001 Shadow ACE, it is amazing but I already know I have to get rid of the Cobra Shot Guns. But doing so is not all that easy as you well know. I have to find a stock that fits, or baffle the cobra pipes. Then I think I have to re jet. Does anyone have experience with baffles. Hopefully it would be the easiest solution.

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Try to find a set of baffles first. It's cheaper than replacing the pipes and you might not like the sound of the stock pipes (unless you like the sound of a Singer sewing machine.)

You'll need to measure the inside diameter of your pipes to determine what size baffles you need. I would highly recommend the KhromeWerks HP Plus baffles. They sound awesome, not too loud but give a nice, deep rumble. They're designed to provide good back pressure and still be high flowing for improved performance throughout the whole power band.

I have them in my Cobra LowBoys (on a 750AC) and love them!

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