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becoming visible after being a ghost for a while

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howdy, introducing myself with a quote from my mother when i was about 5 years old "he's happy to go with anyone, anytime, anywhere", and 60 years or so later that's pretty much the scenario. i picked up a 2004 shadow aero last week and have been lurking here since then. i've put a couple hundred winter-type miles on it and looking at putting some gear on to make it more rideable. i ordered floorboards today to the tune of 300 bucks. i spent 10 years completely disabled and 5 years or so ago decided to try riding again to see if i could and would. i bought an hd 200 sym and soon found i was doing mountain passes and riding most days. i up-jetted to a kymco 250 grand vista and put 8,000 miles on it in a year or so and after a couple straight 300+ days decided that didn't get the job done without extreme discomfort so up-graded to a bv500 piaggio and 8,000 miles later upgraged to a bv350. you might ask why the scooters. that was cause i risked spasms trying to hike the leg over a motorcycle seat. recently i rode several low seat motorcycles and think i can do that leg swing if i don't have to swing over bags or packs. the shadow has a low seat height and is long enough that i can probably put bags on relatively far back and do ok. a friend had a windshield which i tried to put on it and found the fork clamps too small for the large covered forks on the aero. looking now to decide whether to get mounting hardware or go to a handlebar mount screen.

well, that should be enough for a first post but i'll be asking about windshield reccomendations and possibly bags.

my usual sign-off on other forums is
lotsa miles and smiles to ya

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Welcome to the forum, Ken. You may find that the handlebar mounted windscreens are a little shaky. A mounting system like the Memphis Shades is about the best route. Their Trigger lock system allows for easy removal when cleaning or if you want to feel the wind at times.
Hey Ken, Welcome to the Forum!

...Yup, for serious miles - this just being my opinion - a fork mounted screen is usually going to give you options for a heavier duty and more stable windshield..

I have a National Cycle Switchblade windshield on my Aero.. Just push the shield forward and pull up to remove, clip the thing back into place and push into position to lock back on..

All kinds of different sized screens use the same mounting hardware, so you can switch from a smaller windshield during summer to a huge touring shield for the winter if that strikes your fancy..

The optional hard coating on the NC shields is definitely worth the little extra.. Had mine for 2 years 20k miles, except for a couple of tiny chips, no scratches, and I clean my shield after every ride with distilled water and a microfiber cloth..

Great quality, worth the moolah! ;)
Welcome to the Forum from another Oregonian.
welcome aboard ken. :)
Welcome to the Forum Ken, glad that you've decided to join us!
The 750 Spirit was a 24" +/- seat height and Burly makes a Slammer shock for a Sportster that could give you another 2" off that. Bags arent the issue if you dont have a sissy bar. I also found that for me, getting on and off the right side make it easier than on/off the left and doesnt bother my herniated disc.

If you get a 750 and put the Slammers on it, you could almost walk over it from the rear without bags or sissy bar :)
howdy, good thoughts all. thanks for the welcome. I hang around quite a bit and usually only comment where I think a different thought pattern might stimulate the conversation or less likely where I think a concise re-statement might help. maybe it's just wet blanket but on other forums i'm often the last comment on that thread. again, thanks for the welcome. I think this is a worthwhile place to spend some time specifically for shadow info. as I inferred somewhere else, one advandage of the shadow for longer distance from home travel is the number of Honda dealers along the way. I just need to get it comfortable for those trips.

lotsa miles and smiles to ya
1 - 9 of 9 Posts
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