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Hey Ken, Welcome to the Forum!

...Yup, for serious miles - this just being my opinion - a fork mounted screen is usually going to give you options for a heavier duty and more stable windshield..

I have a National Cycle Switchblade windshield on my Aero.. Just push the shield forward and pull up to remove, clip the thing back into place and push into position to lock back on..

All kinds of different sized screens use the same mounting hardware, so you can switch from a smaller windshield during summer to a huge touring shield for the winter if that strikes your fancy..

The optional hard coating on the NC shields is definitely worth the little extra.. Had mine for 2 years 20k miles, except for a couple of tiny chips, no scratches, and I clean my shield after every ride with distilled water and a microfiber cloth..

Great quality, worth the moolah! ;)
1 - 1 of 9 Posts
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