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Behind Bars again #3

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Over the years I have been longing to get another bike, and when I found myself in a position to trade some work for new to me wheel, it was hard to say no; even though the bike needs a bunch of work. I am now the owner of a 2001 Honda Shadow Sabre 1100, with just under 38k miles. A bit more miles than I wanted, but like I said I traded about 6 hours of my time for a running bike. Now to get to run well.
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Thanks for the warm greetings everyone. I look forward to gaining some of the wisdom and knowledge that is freely available on this site.
Vito, I'm a real estate appraiser by trade, and a nice man found himself in a tough spot. He needed to get an appraisal done on his parents home so the estate could be settled, but didn't have the cash to pay me for the work. His folks owned a decent house on lots acreage, and he was back in school, so money was tight.

He is actually the one that suggested the trade. And after looking at the bike, and giving it quick once around the parking lot I agreed to the trade. He had the stator was bad (I'm checking that out now), the front brakes are not great, and he took the rear brake rotor off because he said they were that bad.

The seat has a couple rips, the front fender has a whole in it (he lived up in Virginia and rode it every where, so I'm guessing a nice snow/salt mix caused that). And there is some surface rust on the Vince and Haynes pipes, and it looks like someone laid it down at some point based on all the scratches in the paint. None of this is major stuff, but parts and time will add up.

I've got a couple pics in my album, and will add/post more as I move forward.

The only reason I was disappointed (slightly) about the mileage is I found an older shadow, 94 1100, on CL where the guy was asking $900 for the bike. Obviously for that price it needed some work, but it only had 13k miles. I pulled up right as the guy had made a deal to sell it to the car that was leaving his house.
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