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Bike contest on one of those channels

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There was an episode of some "biker" show where the interviewee was building a nice red chopper with air ride, auto clutch, yada yada

The bike's suspension could set the bike down on it's frame when parking so there was no kick stand.

the builder was Caucasian, long black hair, has a history in Engineering.

What I need to now if anyone out here happens to remember is:

The centrifugal auto-clutch he was installing is sick f'ing cool. Do ya'll know who he is and does he have a web site?
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I saw that show a couple of weeks ago. it was cool the way he used ball bearings and ramps to move the clutch plate. I can't remember his name, sorry. :(
Do you remember the name of the show?
I think he was on American Thunder but it could also have been v-twin they are both on, on Teusday night.
Billy Lane fits your description.... :?:
Nope not Billy 'Dreadlocks" lane

This dude was older,longer in the tooth....not quite as drunk.... :?
I didn't see the show, but it sounds like Eddie Trotta.
Isn't Billy Lane doing time right now ?
It wasn't Eddie Trotta, although he makes v-twin every week.
paulie is correct...not the guy.

but DAMN go check his site!!

I think this is your guy. Mike Phillips of Grandeur Cycle in Jonesboro North Carolina. Here is a link to his web site.

I saw his picture on another site showing off his Texas Ranger bike and I'm 95% sure he was the guy on American Thunder. Anyway this guy produces an auto-clutch.
vito said:
Billy Lane fits your description.... :?:
BAAHHHHH, billy lane couldnt do anything that would require a little smarts..unless its setting a bike on fire. :p
Thanks all, I think the Grandeur chopper , Bloodlust, is the one I saw.
Here is some info on the type of clutch he was using. My brother has one on his Road king pretty cool launches really hard if you get on it, but it just seems a little wierd and for a Harley you have to keep the RPM's up a little or it tends to slip if you lug it around like most people do those bikes

Here is another link to the one I think the guy on the show used same idea different way around it.
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