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Bike Jack

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I went to my friendly Harbor Freight and got a bike lift for my 1998 Aero VT1100C3.

When I came home and put it under the bike I noticed that the bottom of the engine extends below the frame rails that when you go to lift the bike it rocks on the motor. So when I turn the jack90 degrees to keep the jack bars parallel to the frame rail the tire and fender are in the way of the jack handle and there is no way to jack it up.

Is there a jack made for these bikes I should be looking for or do I need to make something?

Thanks for any help

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Here's one discussion on jacks. A search will probably turn up several more.
Same problem on the 750 and most jacks on the market.
I welded a piece of flat metal to the leading rail and put a piece of rubber on the top edge. It is a little difficult to get the jack in place (2 people) but works great otherwise. It also does not affect useing it for other bikes as it just sticks up a little ways.

The link (above) that Snooze provided, shows pictures of a couple ways to build adapters from scrap wood. gat803 made an adapter one way, and I made an adapter another way. There are some other threads that show adapters other members have built or bought.

2001 Spirit 1100
Once I finally do upgrade to a GoldWing, I'll sell the adapter that I have for my Sears jack. I might as well share this wonderful adapter with a forum member as I purchased it from a forum member.... Maybe a while though.....
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