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97 Shadow 600 questions:

1) I left my ignition on for only about 5 mins of chatting with a friend when bike was not idling, and it wouldn't start. I had to pop start it and it worked fine. It starts fine otherwise (without headlight draining battery too much)
How long is the battery supposed to last while the bike is not running?

2) I bought it recently with drag pipes attached, and I don't think the previous owner rejetted the carbs. It starts okay, with full choke out and a little throttle blip once or twice. It idles okay for as long as it takes me to put on my armor jacket, backpack, helmet, and gloves. When I go to choke in, if I just choke in (even slowly like 15sec), it will bog down and eventually die. It doesn't sound like it's missing or anything, the idle just slows and slows and then dies. If I give it a little throttle (1/8 or less), it works just fine. I throttle up a little and hold, then slowly choke in (5sec or so), then it lives after choke is all the way in. Maybe a quick throttle blip to make sure.
Is it normal to have to baby the choke in after 2mins of warm up?

3) How do I measure RPM without a tach for diagnostic problems like jetting carb and setting idle speed?

4) It stutters when accelerating until warm. It idles fine when waiting at a stop, and revs fine, but when I throttle up and add clutch, it starts missing. When I release throttle (and release clutch), it evens out, but even just a little throttle (1/8 and clutch again it loses power. It might be one cylinder, might be both on and off. After it warms up, the issue is lessened and even fades away. I live at high-ish altitude (4500ft) and plan to do some day or weekend trips to 5500ft or even 6500ft (Lake Tahoe). From what I've read, and knowing issue #2 above with the straight pipes, this sounds like a lean slow jet or maybe lean needle jet issue.
Which jets/needles/wizardry do I need to adjust so the bike doesn't stutter until it's warm?

Thanks in advance! You guys(and girls) are the best!
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