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Bike quit on me on the drive home. Again.

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Mine's a 2006 VLX, 38k miles on it. Great bike, but I'm curious about a problem we're having:

About a month ago I was driving home, and I knew I was running low on gas. The bike started sputtering, so I switched to reserve. A few moments later, it started sputtering again and shut down. I coasted and pulled into a lot and tried to get it to start again, nothing. Thinking I might've actually run out of gas, I had my wife bring my gas can; I put about a gallon in, but the bike wouldn't start. Crank, but no fire. Eventually spent the battery.

Had it towed to the shop, and the mechanic charged the battery up, and it fired right up, and couldn't tell anything was wrong. His guess was that I had inadvertently flooded it when trying to get it to restart.

I took it to and from work last week, everything was fine. Today, coming home, the bike started stuttering, like I was running out of gas. I knew I had gas, having filled up last week. Bike conked out again, and I rolled into a lot. Tried to restart, first time nothing, second time, it coughed, and third time it started back up, and I was able to drive home. Would've gone straight to the shop, but he's closed Monday.

I'm curious what you all think might be going on. Something some SeaFoam would cure? Something clogging the fuel strainer screen? Perhaps a faulty fuel valve?

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Petcock failure is a Valk syndrome also and can cause hydrolock if you have float needle that's not seating all the way. You can rebuild yours or put a manual Pingle shutoff valve in its place but you will have to get in the habit of shutting off all the time like we did in olden days.

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Been peeking in now and again. Looks like you're close....please post when you get it going just right.
Same here. You've been a good informative and fluent poster thru the project so far. Again be patient.

Vito, you come out of hibernation? :LOL:
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