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bike stumbles full throttle

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I have a 1998 vlx that stumbles anytime I roll on the throttle more than 25%. It runs good at idle and when I open the throttle just a bit. when the bike is in neutral and I hit the throttle all of the way, it works pretty good, only when its under load is there an issue. Any ideas?

I have also checked for vacuum leaks and there are none.
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By stumbles I mean it bogs down, and it wont raise the rmps. When I keep the throttle on low, it will rev up to higher rpms. I have about 22,000 miles on it.
I have already replaced the fuel filter because it was a cheap solution and could use a new on anyhow, no luck. I guess I'll be pulling apart the carbs and giving them a complete overhaul, probably past due as you said. I hate carbs, im a novice and it always scares me that I'll mess it
1 - 3 of 7 Posts
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