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patrykslom said:
about 10 min of warm up time every time.

I haven't cleaned the filter yet.

I guess ill take it in for a tune up if this problem persists.

The choke does help a little bit. But this literally makes the bike undriveable.
Tune-up? Just a $50-60 spark plug change.

Clean the air filter(at least check it) and change the spark plugs (<$2 each at any auto parts store -use the recommended NGK plugs) See if that fixes it.

If not dump the fuel in the tank and replace with clean fuel then use the recommended amount of seafoam or other carb cleaner.....and try to run some fuel through it. Maybe some gummed up jets but if you are running it evey week or two it shouldn't be a problem.

Your symptoms sound like a lot of things from a really dirty intake (not likely with only 7500 miles) to a clogged exhaust system....yes mice do sometimes foul the exhaust pipes up with nest debris or store corn in the pipes...or make nests in the air box.

But doing the easiest and quickest things first will usually fix the problem with the Shadows. Check air filter, replace plugs.....go from there.
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