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You're probably fine, but I wouldn't do it again. Brake fluid is HELL on painted surfaces and probably isn't good for chrome, rubber, etc. If you get it in your eye or all over your hands it's probably bad too (I treat the stuff like nuclear waste).

I use kerosene for cleaning the chain. Works great. If you're worried about the kerosene/cancer link (?), just wear latex gloves. It works great. Apparently WD-40 is ok for cleaning too, although most folks recommend against it as a lube (doesn't last and there is a school of thought which believes it's bad for the o-rings - some folks also think that WD-40 is a cancer risk if you bathe in it....).

If I were you, I'd go clean it and re-lube again before you ride too much more.

Cheers, D-Mac
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