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Brake help. Already?

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04 VTXc 1300 16k troubleshooting my front brake, after geting very little squeaze on the disc and atemping to bleed the ckt. I discovered that there is very little if no pressure coming from the resevoir. Every time i pull the front brake with fluid in place i got only drops at the caliper or the bleed screw. Wich i guess for now eliminates the caliper as the culprit. At the brake lever i notice a black rubber diaphram looking part that compresses everytime you pull the brake lever. what kind of parts in there can be replaced ,can it be a cloged hose if so with what ????? Im not a mechanic however i will try to repair it till its fubar then take it to a mech. Help
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1 - 1 of 34 Posts
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