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My Brother passed away last month and he left me his bikes, (He was 66)
I am much younger than him and we used to ride a lot. he bought his 600 new in 1990 and never put a lot of miles on it.
It only has 8K on it. The Bike had set for quite awhile nearly ruining the carbs.
He took it to the dealer and spent over $800.00 getting everything working again, My question is, what do I look for in a Bike this age? What may be ready to fail? Rubber hoses etc..
He also left me a 3 yr old Harley and his 2000, 1500 Suzuki twin.. another Story.
I have always loved the Shadow and I bought a new 1100 in 1986,
I didn't like the low end on the 1100, it was a pain in the City.
The little 600 was much more fun.. The 1100 ended up Death by idiot
when She pulled out in front of me.. cost me a rpl knee..
BTW I had always been a Yamaha guy before that and I still have my old 1975 XS 650 (Triumph clone) twin, It still runs great...
I just registered here I'm from IOWA...(I. O.tta W.ent A.round)
hello from Orion

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Sorry for your loss. It depends a lot on how the bike was stored but tires would be my first concern if you now have it running well. The worst thing you can do to a bike is not ride it. What kind of Harley did he leave you?
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