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So on my way home from work 2 fridays ago, i filled up the gas tank (not on reserve). Shortly after starting out on my 75 mile trip home, the bike started acting funny. When accelerating, it was fine. but as soon as i got to the speed i wanted and let off the throttle to cruise, the bike started popping and backfiring. I didn't have much time during the week to take a look at it so i put it off till yesterday.
Not wanting to tear into the carbs again, i called my local shop and asked advice. They recommended the usual, check tank vent, check air cleaner... All these things were fine so i decided to see if there was fuel in the carb. I cracked open the drain valve on the front carb (which is the one that was popping) and sure enough, fuel came out.
Then i started the bike up again to try and take a listen. The RPM's went sky high! (probably because i had to mess with the knob to get it to idle right after this all started). I re-adjusted the idle, and didn't hear any popping.. i took it for a (approx) 35mile ride with no further issues.

Talked to the shop again and he told me that the floats were probably locked up with an air bubble or something and releasing the fuel allowed them to move to where they should have been.

I hope this helps someone out.
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