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1995 VT1100C2
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I have been a member since 1991. There are a few features I really enjoy:

1. I have multiple cars/bikes and they are all covered.
2. Anyone's car I am in is covered. GF had a flat tire. Covered. I met a guy at a gas station while I was getting gas. He had a flat. Covered.
3. If you run out of gas they will bring 10L I did this once.
4. I drank a bit too much called CAA and they hauled me and bike home about 50 km.
5. Towing to where you want up to 160 km (100 miles).
6. If you get a flat and your trip is interrupted they will reimburse up to $500 expenses (motel, food, etc). I used this in Texas.
7. The longest I had to wait was about 1 hour but usually just half an hour.

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