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Not sure where you are from but they are not that expensive. For an ACE the part # is 16950-MAH-023. Comes with a filter too ...
16950-MAH-023 PETCOCK ASSY. $56.35
Or a little less at A little more at Just a bit more at Babbit's. Those are my top 3 choices for online parts. (Servicehonda usually has the slowest delivery.) All three have good fiche systems though Ron Ayers' can be frustrating because the links line up a little high on their website. (Read the hyperlink preview -- if your browser give one -- before clicking.)

Added note: when I check the fiche files, I get the part number as 16950-MAH-013 selling for $55.84 @ Ron Ayers. Service Honda & Babbitt's show the part number as -023. All three are using the same image.
1 - 1 of 16 Posts
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