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So I have my dual carb back in my 93 VLX 600 but there’s one stupid little hose I’m not sure where it goes, it’s very skinny and there’s an almost identical one on the other side of the carb I took a picture of while disassembling, but forgot to take a pic of this side, I vaguely remember yanking it out when I took the carb out but I’m a little lost on where it’s supposed to go, there’s one spot I think it goes but I’m not sure, if anyone can confirm I’d appreciate it, I’ll include some pictures below
first two pics are the hose I’m not sure where to connect and where I think it goes and the other two pics are of the similar hose and where it leads to/from, also hoping I got that one right but I think i did.
Any help would be very much appreciated!!! Thanks!!
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