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Being a balmy 29 degrees - but more importantly, no snow falling this afternoon (first time in about a week) - I took advantage of the small window of opportunity and got out for a about a 30 mile/minute ride an hour ago. I was suffering withdrawal - I think it had been close to ten days without a ride! :shock:

What a glorious pastime we have. If you dress for it - it can be a year-round one, even in crappy winter-weather regions like the Great Lakes. It was nice perspective - riding by rock walls with frozen icicles hanging out of the rock where the water seeps through, Snow covering every farm acre for as far as the eye could see. And the crisp, clear smells of a wood-burning fire in some distant fireplace. 8)

Get out and ride this winter - you may not know what you're missing. IMHO, of course.

(geez - I feel like sanoke) :lol:
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