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Chopping fender ?

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Thinking about chopping rear fender. Anyone have experience with this? What is the best way to make a pattern? Can you just tape and cut with a mini grinder? Think I might put a contrasting colour on the bottom inch or so after I cut. Looking for before and after pics. Thanks
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Experimentation is the mother of inventions. Slip into a neighbors garage and try it out on a HD. No one rides those things during the week, in the rain, or at night.

If youre experienced, an angle grinder and masking tape...
haha i was just saying this earlier!

I chopped my rear fender right into the trash, then put the front one on the back and called it a day. Angle grinder will work though.
I thought about doing this at some point...Do you have any photos of the fender swap on your bike?
1 - 2 of 6 Posts
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