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Vinegar and hydrogen peroxide, ratio would be an ounce of peroxide to a cup of vinegar. No rubber or it expands it. Water wash, WD40 immediately after thru any and all holes you can spray into... Fill with gas and ATF, slosh around and drain. Water is heavier than oil/gas so the water should run out first.

Fill with gas, shake the tank, capture the gas, see the water at the bottom of the container with the saved the shaken gas, pour into the car, sans the water at the bottom of the container.

Stopped the flash rust exposed to air was the WD coating. Gas and ATF was the oil coating at the ceiling of the tank. The drain was to capture as much residual water left after the washing out of the acid.

Videos I've watched were showing the cleaner job was the acid sitting for day, not the battery charger and anode trick.

Vinegar/peroxide experience with tanks/carbs/brake masters/hardware in general. Peroxide is the adder don't forget.


First punch bottom of tank base with a screwdriver tip and give a good hit. No integrity as in punched thru the tank that easily, then find a less rusty tank.
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