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Clutch outer housing gears

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hi guys. I'm in the garage working on putting this engine back together. I have come to a problem with my clutch outer housing and I'm looking for some help so I don't mess anything up. the clutch outer housing has two sprockets that are (I think) misaligned. I believe that they should be exactly in line with each other, but the manual doesn't give any details on that. I have been trying to align the two sprockets together so that they will slip on to the primary driven gear to its right and onto the oil pump drive sprocket. I have two outer housings, and both look the same, in terms of a slight misalignment.
Any clue on how to get them to line up?


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Too late now but you could have just used a piece of flat metal like a tire lever to fit between the cage slots to turn it.

1 - 1 of 6 Posts
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