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Capitan D' thread about clutch replacement got me worried. I bought a 2009 750 Spirit three months ago with 9500 miles on it. I've noticed that if I rotate the throttle all the way in third or fourth gear I get the expected increase in rpm but no increase in acceleration from about three quarter throttle to full throttle. It's like something is slipping. Is my clutch going out?

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Yes, that is called clutch slipping...
Cable operated clutch?
IF SO, MOM will describe the adjustment, it MAY just need to be adjusted..,
Cold weather causes things to change, in that the cable gets shortened a tadd...
(Think expansion/contraction)

Hydraulic? the fluid may be low?, or system is not working correctly...

You didn`t use "high Mileage or energy conserving oil, did you?
Yesterday, going through containers, I saw an empty bottle with "resource conserving" => I suppose this is the same as energy conserving??
Wet clutches need good oil...
Good Luck & Merry Christmas
Ann & Dennis
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