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Cobra exhausts for aero 750

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Greetings from Sunny Seoul!!!!!!
Got my bike out today for a 3 hour ride, little chilly (mid 50's) It was good. But my bike is too quiet!!!!!! So I've been searching the net today for some new pipes. I have just about decided on the Cobra Lowboy Shotguns with a DynoJet Stage 1&2 jet kit. The best price I found was at a place called They are in Batesville Ark. They had the pipes listed for $349.95. Great price!!!!!! Has anyone delt with Bikerhaven before? Are they good people? Since I'm in Korea I need to deal with overseas shipping charges. My bike guy here says that he can get the same pipes here, with the jet kit for $750.00 usd installed. Do these cobra pipes blue easily? Cobra doesn't say if they are double/walled pipes to prevent blueing. Are any of you running these pipes? Did they blue? How do you like them?
Thanks for any info..................

2005 Aero750
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The Wench has Cobra drag pipes on her Aero.Have had no problems with 'em at all.
The ones that she has are a double wall down pipe so no visible blueing.They also have an excellent sound to 'em.
Normally, I'm not a fan of jet kits when doing an exhaust change.However, the woman ordered the DJ kit that Cobra suggested for the pipes so I put it in. Not difficult to do. Kind of surprisingly her gas mileage went up, dramatically.

A site you might wanna check out for parts is
They are based in England. The woman has ordered parts from them. Prices were better than here in the States and delivery was quick. Dunno if they would have the pipes ya want, but worth checking out.
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